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About HGT

HGT is all about stuff that makes me happy. I love good food, great design, adventures and vintage everything. I believe wholeheartedly that great tasting food doesn’t have to be bad for you, good design shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, in the power of simplicity, and the all-knowing internets.


Most of the recipes you see here will have a focus on healthy eating, and good nutrition. I try to include nutrition info as often as possible to keep me accountable.You won’t be seeing any crazy ingredients, or super expensive items. Good stuff doesn’t have to cost a ton – remember?

Meet Julie

Julie Portrait

I’m a designer and photographer living in LA. I’m passionate about cooking, and sharing food with family, friends and the internet (hey that’s you!) I love bright colors, bold flavors, and good typography. I have a super talented husband (Hi Ovi!), and two dogs that I talk about way too often. You’ll probably be seeing their cute little faces around here from time to time.

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